5 Free Blu-Ray Burners

Here are 5 free Blu-ray burners that let you burn Blu-Ray discs on PC. All these Blu-Ray burners are completely free.

FinalBurner creates data CDs and DVDs including discs for Blu-ray devices that too for free of cost and freely distributable. This inexpensive application is available free of cost in the web site and you can download the free copy for free and launch the software in your desktop. The free Blu-ray burner is light weight at about 4MB and does not occupy much of your disk space.

The free ware application enables you to create data, audio, DVD disks and burn them onto any type of media, such as CD R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD DL. You can also create an ISO image of a disc. The application is short and simple program as it does not supports any extraneous features that users might not understand and unusable to them. Thus, you can create your disc within few mouse clicks, as you are not required to do anything more than just click your mouse buttons.

For the advanced and power users, the application developer has rest some of the settings control for them so that you can make full use of the application and create desired high quality output on the fly. To use this application you just have to choose the project type (audio, video, etc.) you re working on and depending on the project type, you click on the appropriate tab and open its window, where the project is displayed as a folder tree. Then, using the built-in explorer, you add a file or several files to the project, select the drive, writing speed, and start the burning process.

Download FinalBurner here.

CDBurner XP

CDBurnerXP is free software that burns CDs and DVDs for Blu-ray devices and HD DVDs. The freeware is easy to operate and easily write CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs for all home users. You can make quick copy of your Blu-ray discs with this app. The app is  so useful that even companies and other people using Blu-Ray disc can use this app and make quick copies of your movies and data.

The attraction of this app is its ISO creation feature. It burns ISO to CDs, so that you can share them among your group or use the disk for storage.

Some of the ISO features are:
  • create your own ISO files
  • convert bin- and nrg-files to ISO
  • save CDs/DVDs as ISO file to disc

This free Blu-Ray burner is designed for burning any kind of discs whether its audio CDs/ DVDs or data disc. Create audio CDs with or without gaps between tracks. The freeware also allows you to create bootable disc with easy operation. This feature rich Blu-Ray burner is available free of cost, and you can avail the functions like multi-language interface, data verification after burning process, bin/nrg → ISO converter and much more.

Download CDBurner XP here.

Hamster Free Burning Studio

Hamster Free Burning Studio is free burning studio for all home users that would like to burn and create back up of their favorite music, images and videos to their Blu-ray disc. Hamster Free Burning Studio automatically identifies the type of disk inserted in the tray, its capacity, and possible burning speed onto the disk, and uses this information to display the fill factor of the files on the disk and the possibility of clearing the disk for its full rewriting.

Thus, this application is completely automatic and you are not required to possess any special knowledge about disc recording and burning Blu-ray CDs. The intuitive and modern looks of the application interface will make your burning experience little easier as you just to drop your files to the app and the program code will do the rest.

Download Hamster Free Burning Studio here.


Imgburn is another Blu-Ray burning freeware that easily burns images, audio and videos to your Blu-Ray disc for free and that too within less time. The app is intuitive and very simple to use. You just have to load this Blu-Ray burner in your desktop and switch on to write mode. The app will recognize the disc in the burner loaded by you and will write your data in the disc when you click write button. The freeware has easy to use interface and very user-friendly features.

The main screen of the app is Ez- mode picker, that allows you to pick your burning type right from the screen without any need to search for button to click for. Create any kind of image file from the disc or files and folders easily with this application. Your Blu-Ray discs can be read and written by this app quickly. The app interface will also provide you all the info about the burning operation and disc info that you may need in read mode. If you want any media info about particular track or sector than its easily available from this app.

The application is designed to write multiple files in the disc and you can create a queue for writing. The batch burning is very easy with this freeware, as it will not slow down your computer and will notify you as of number of images remaining and number of copies done.

Download ImgBurn here.


BurnAware is free burning tool available in the internet. The feature rich application is full-fledged tool set that will help you to burn any kind to CDs and DVDs including very recent Blu-Ray discs. The app is light weight and requires to be loaded in your PC desktop for launching this freeware. The application will help you burn any kind of data to your Blu-Ray discs including images, digital photos, audios, and videos. You can create your data disc within few minutes with this application.

You can also create bootable or multi-session CDs and DVDs, high-quality audio CDs from your collection of MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, AAC and FLAC files, burn disc images, copy discs to backup ISO images with this free program. Create back up of your favorite music or video clips with this application by writing discs with this freeware. It supports CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE and DVD-RAM media, including high-capacity double-layer media.

This easy to use application is very easy to handle as you just have launch this app on your desktop and write data on your disc. It supports feature of On-the-fly writing support with Track-at-once and Disc-at-once recording modes. In addition, copy disc to ISO images with this freeware application.

Download BurnAware here.
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Free GIF Animator Software To Creat And Edit Animated GIFS

Cyotek Gif Animator beta, is a free gif animator software. Using it you can create, edit, and save animated gifs. It is powerful gif animator software that lets you extract frames, edit each single frame, flip frames, optimize frame colours for reducing gif size, add more new frames and fill them with new images, change animation dimensions and image offsets, control the looping, duplicate frames, rearrange frames, delete frames, and do lot more.

The freeware supports a huge set file formats. The major ones includes: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, ICO, JNG, PBM, RAS, TGA, PSD, JP2, and lot more. The freeware can also nicely integrate with other image editing software, installed in your PC, and helps you create professional looking animated gifs.
Create-edit animated gif using this free Gif animator software:

The freeware is still in its beta version, and is free only in beta version. It is a lightweight software and doesn’t contain any 3rd party adware. Installation is just like installing a usual software. It has got an easy to use interface, all the buttons and menus are pretty self-explanatory.

On launching the software, you’ll get an interface that tells lot about the freeware. The whole software is divided into two panes; covering most of the interface, and buttons, menus at the top. One of the pane is for the frames of the animated gif, and the other is for changing the attributes of animation like: loop number, animation dimensions, image offset, frame speed etc. Either create a new animated Gif using images, from the scratch or, open a pre-existing animated gif using the New and Open tools.
On opening a pre-existing gif, the software automatically extracts each single frame. You can edit each single frame, using the tool bar tools. Or you can simply export a frame into another Photo editing software installed in your PC. Simply right-click on the desired frame, you’ll get a context menu, choose Edit image option. Using this same context menu you can export a frame and save it to any of the mentioned file formats. Besides that you can add frame, replace image, duplicate image, delete frame, move frame up or down etc.
The optimize feature, is a handy feature of freeware. It lets you reduce the frame size, and ultimately the whole animation size. Using it you can lower the colour count of the frame or desaturate it. One more similar feature of this freeware is: you can view and define a new global palette for all the frames of the gif. This also has similar effect as that of Optimize feature. To do that use the Create Global Palette option under Project menu.
There are other more good features for advanced users. You can alter the freeware settings using the Options feature under Tools menu. Use this Options feature to enable save backups, automatically open with last opened document, assign custom photo editor etc.
Once done with everything, you can preview the animation by clicking on respective button at the interface, before exporting file as an animated Gif file.

Key features of this free Gif animator software:
  • Completely free.
  • Create, edit, and save animated gifs.
  • Extract frames, and edit each single frame.
  • Add new photo frames, delete, duplicate, rearrange frames.
  • Change animation speed, dimensions, loops etc.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use interface.
Get Cyotek Gif Animator beta here.
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How To Use Photoshop Filters In Paint.Net

This tutorial explains how to use Photoshop filters in Paint.NET.

Natively, Paint.NET doesn’t support feature to apply Photoshop filters to enhance photos. However, there is a fantastic Paint.NET plugin, called Paint.NET 8bf filter plugin, which can host Adobe PhotoShop compatible filters (*.8bf files) to apply them on images. With this plugin, Paint.NET becomes an even more powerful image editor. You don’t need to use PhotoShop if you especially use it for applying the stunning filters in photos.

In the screenshot below, you can see the window of this plugin where it shows Photoshop filters and the option to Run the selected filter.
Now let’s see how you can use Photoshop filters in Paint.NET.

Install Paint.NET 8bf filter plugin to use Photoshop Filters in Paint.NET:

Use the steps mentioned below to install this plugin and use Photoshop filters:

Step 1: Using this link, you can download the zip archive of this plugin.
Step 2: Extract that archive and you will find PSFilterPdn.dll and PSFilterShim files. Copy those files and paste them in Effects folder of Paint.NET’s installation directory.
Step 3: You also need to copy and paste your Photoshop filter files (8bf) to the same directory. If you don’t have any, then of course you need to download those files first.
Step 4: Launch Paint.NET and add an image. After this, click on Effects menu. You will find 8bf Filter… option. Click on that option and window of Paint.NET 8bf filter plugin will open.
Step 5: Filters tab will show the list of all added filters. You can select any filter and click on Run Filter button. It will launch that particular filter.
That’s it, guys! Now you can show your skills to use the filter and turn the photo into a beautiful masterpiece.

Get Paint.NET 8bf filter plugin for free. Here

This tutorial explains how to make mosaic in Paint.NET.
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Powerful And Feature Loaded Image Editing Software: PIXLR

Pixlr is an incredibly powerful and feature loaded free image editing software. Simple and intuitive, this beast of an application lets you fine tune your digital images to the absolute maximum, thanks to the truckload of tools that it comes built-in with. Pixlr consists all of the standard image editing features (auto adjust, crop/resize, exposure control, red-eye reduction), and then some more. Apart from that, it can prettify your images using a large variety of filters, overlay masks, borders, stickers, and a whole lot of other goodies. You can also add text to your images. Pixlr is a lightweight application, and supports all common image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and even PSD). Pixlr has been available as a web based app for quite a while. So how exactly is the desktop version of this thing? Time to find out!

Pixlr: Installation And Primary User Interface

Installing Pixlr is a fairly routine affair, akin to installing any other software application. All you have to do is download the software, and install it. Here’s how Pixlr’s primary user interface looks like:
As illustrated by the above screenshot, Pixlr has an easy to use and straightforward interface. Majority of the UI just consists of the preview area, where the images to be edited show up. All of the primary editing options sit on the left, stacked in the form of a vertical bar. Clicking each option reveals further sub-options (e.g. The Fast option includes standard editing features like resize, auto-contrast, and more). Some of these expand further to reveal even more options. There’s also a simple menu bar up top that can be used to access (most) of the editing options in a bit more standard way. A status bar, having usual social sharing options and some other stuff sits at the bottom, completing the user interface. Pretty standard stuff!

How To Jazz Up Your Images With Pixlr Image Editing Software?

Using Pixlr to edit your images and add amazing effects to them is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is load up the image you want to edit, make your modification(s) and save the changes. Though it’s not possible to discuss each and every feature available in Pixlr due to the sheer number, but they’re all the same essentially. Here’s a little step by step process anyway, to get you started with this amazing image editing application.

Step 1: Load the image that you want to edit in Pixlr using File > Open. A preview of the image is rendered in the preview area as soon as it’s loaded.

Step 2: Now, the next step is obviously to make the changes to the images. To do so, select one of the primary options, and then select a sub-option. For example, you can click on refine, and then choose from one of the options: color, contrast, blur, sharpen, smooth or double exposure. Once selected, you can also fine tune the way the editing operation is applied via sliders. Check out the screenshot below:
As illustrated by the above screenshot, the applied editing effects are rendered to the image preview in real-time, so that you can easily see how the image will look after editing. Pretty awesome, right?

Step 3: That’s all there’s to it! Once you’ve made all the changes that you want to the image, simply use the Save as option from the File menu to commit the changes. Simple as pie!

Pixlr: Summary Of Features

The editing features available in Pixlr are organized into categories for easy navigation. These are briefly summarized below:
  • Fast: Consists of standard editing operations such as crop, straighten, resize, auto-fix, heal, red-eye correction, focal, and more.
  • Refine: Has options to tinker with color, contrast, exposure etc.
  • Effect: Apply a variety of cool color filters to give a whole new touch to your images.
  • Overlay: Choose from a handy selection of overlays such as bokeh, color, and more.
  • Border: Add awesome looking borders/frames to your images.
  • Stylize: Add effects like dapple, cross-hatching, sketch etc.
  • Stickers: Make your images stand out by adding stickers and tattoos.
  • Type: Make your pictures say even more by adding text to them.
Get Pixlr for Desktop Here.
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Software To Bulk Download Google Books In PDF, PNG, JPG

EDS Google Books Downloader is a free software that supports bulk download feature. Although you can also find other similar software over the web, but none of them support bulk download for Google books. Moreover, you need to manually add the URL of Google book that you want to download. This software is a step ahead and has multiple interesting features.

Apart from bulk downloading Google books, it lets you search for a particular book using the keywords. In search results, it shows cover art thumbnail, book title, and option to download books. You won’t be able to select multiple books, but it provides download button for each individual book. So you just need to scroll down the search results and/or use next button and tap on download buttons.
The screenshot above shows search results for Google books on its interface.

How To Bulk Download Books using This Free Google Books Downloader Software?

These are the very simple steps to use this Google Books Downloader software:

  • Step 1: Grab its setup file with the help of this link. Run the installation process and then open its UI.
  • Step 2: You will find two main tabs on its interface that are self-explanatory: Search Results and Downloads. Use the search box and results will be visible quickly.
For every single search result, a download button, book title, cover art thumbnail, options to select output as PDF, JPG, or PNG, and Preview icon to open the source location of book are provided.

  • Step 3: Select the output format and click on Download button for a Google book. It will prompt you to select the output location to save the book. In a similar way, you can download more books. Using Downloads tab, you can see the download progress for each individual book.

When the download progress is finished, you can jump to the output location and see that every single Google book is saved in a different folder.

Get this software for free here
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Free Online Video Maker: Stupeflix Video Maker

Stupeflix Video Maker is a free online video maker that presents an extremely easy way to create exquisite videos for YouTube. This free online video maker allows the user to make customized videos according to the need and lets the user to share them with friends and relatives. Sometimes it becomes necessary to create videos to explain a procedure, create an advert for a product etc., For all these purposes  a robust video explanation is very useful. Stupeflix has a number of tools and features to help user in creating such videos.

It is extremely easy to create videos with Stupeflix Video maker. You just upload the images and videos that you want to use to create your video, and this free video maker will combine them to make a video. You can use images from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and even your computer. You can also add audio to your video. Stupeflix Video maker also gives option to add maps to your videos, and this comes extremely handy when making videos related to locations.
The user can start creating videos by creating by using the online application at Youtube. In fact the user can create an account for himself and start creating/ Uploading/ Saving the videos with this free online video maker. All this can be done in simple steps and this process does not require any download.

How to Use Stupeflix Video Maker

Here is a quick video tutorial that explains how to use Stupeflix Video maker:
Features of Stupeflix Video Maker:

  • Send video greetings: The user can compile an attractive video greeting from the photos and video clips available. A personalized greeting video can be created effortlessly using the tools and options available in the freeware.
  • Create customized slideshow of photos or video clips: The user can create a slideshow of photos and include  small video clips in the video to make personalized videos for specific occasions. For this purpose the user is presented with a number of themes to choose from. The photos and videos that are to be included in the final video can be imported from photo albums in popular social networks and photo sharing websites such as Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and even from the computer’s local hard drive. Urls for images and video clips can also be used to include them into the video.
  • Adding specific elements to the video: The user can add song from the computer as a background track and even add Google Maps to the videos to explain a route.  The user can add his own captions to the map and the images using text slides. While using the maps the user is capable of choosing the location / Route that is to be shown on the map.
  • Previewing: Stupeflix Video Maker allows the user to see an instant preview of the video that is created. After the previewing has been done, the user  can still make changes and edit the video  in the way he wants.
  • Exporting Videos : Once the video has been created, it can be uploaded to any popular video hosting site such as YouTube or even can be stored locally and shared with friends.

All these features make Stupeflix Video Maker , an efficient application to create great videos for specific purposes and share them as well.

Try Stupeflix Video Maker Free
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